A program that allows you to record CD, DVD, HD and Blu-ray images for free

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ImgBurn is a piece of software that allows you to burn CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu-ray disks. This handy tool is incredibly resource-light since it has such a small size, and it performs image burning at a fast, efficient pace. Everyone who deals with large amounts of data should consider taking advantage of ImgBurn and everything it can do.

When you download and install this software, it is ready to start burning disks right away. If you need a way to quickly write a large amount of information onto a disk, image burning is the way to go. These images aren't the same visual images you see every day, but instead they are data images that hold huge volumes of information in a file that's relatively small for so much content. The content itself is condensed while on the disk for optimal storage potential.

There are several modes in ImgBurn, and each mode performs a unique function. Read mode is used to read a disk and create an image file of the contents of that disk. Build mode allows you to assemble a disk image file from local files on your system or those available through your network. Write mode burns a blank disk with an image file. Verify mode confirms the readability of the disk after it has been burned.

The Verify mode also allows you to double-check that the data in the newly burned disk is accurate. You can do this by having the software compare the new disk with the image file that was used to create it. If there is any inconsistency, you can redo the disk so it perfectly matches the original image file.

ImgBurn contains a mode called Discovery as well, and that mode is used to test the drive speeds and supported formats of your integrated drives. This is a highly useful mode since it will let you know if your system is incapable of operating with the settings you have employed. In most situations, if there are issues with the burning of new disk, the problem lies with the drive or the system settings. Some drives are too slow to deal with the higher settings in this software, or it's possible that you're not using the right type of disk.

Perhaps the only truly negative aspect of this software is that it doesn't come with universal drive support. It offers support for many of the most common drives, but there are some that won't work with the software.

One of the best things about ImgBurn is that it can be operated by anyone with any level of computer literacy. The tool is exceptionally powerful, yet it doesn't slow down your system or cause other lagging. If you need a reliable, foolproof method for quickly and efficiently writing data to disks of almost any format, ImgBurn can meet and exceed your expectations.


  • Intuitive Utility
  • Fast Operation
  • Drive Analyses
  • Resource-Light


  • Lacks Some Drive Support

Designed as a powerful disc-burning and disc-imaging software application, Imgburn manages data storage needs, using an optical disc burner to physically record data on DVDs and CDS.

Although many of us use the cloud or hard drives to back up data, there is still a great sense of comfort in making backups of irreplaceable photographs, documents and videos on physical media. Additionally, CDs and DVDs continue to persist as the popular standard for experiencing entertainment, at least for the moment, and a disc-burning tool can easily create copies of music and movies for playback on familiar household devices. This is the purpose of Imgburn, to digitally and physically translate data from a computer hard drive on to a DVD or CD. The latest version of the program even has the capacity to store huge amounts of digital information on Blu-ray discs.

The program may be small, occupying a few megabytes on a computer hard drive, but it is an invaluable tool for those wishing to transfer large amounts of data to a disc, assuming a computer is outfitted with an optical disc drive. The layout of the interface allows users of contrasting skill levels to work contently without being drowned in detail. It may be plain looking and technical, but the many menu entries allow finite control through dozens of settings options. Fortunately for novices, there is the EZ mode GUI, a display consisting of large, friendly icons that can guide any technophobe through the main functions, meaning a user unfamiliar with disc-burning utilities can soon pop out a working disc full of data by selecting the relevant entry and following the on screen instructions. Those entries cover the burning of discs, the reading and copying of data, and the creation of an ISO image file, a special format designed for disc recorders. The last option, Discovery, inspects and tests the installed optical drive to ensure it's up to the task of burning data.

Stick to the easy to select modes or get under the hood of the program, tinkering with hundreds of settings to maximize image file creation and format compatibility. The options allow confident and savvy types to alter the speed of the disc burning process and to verify recently recorded discs, thus ensuring integrity of precious disc content. There are even options to reverse the workflow, ripping the contents from an already full DVD or CD, creating an image file of the contents that can act as a backup in case the disc is scratched or damaged. Imgburn is free to download and use.


  • Free software
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Reads and writes a comprehensive range of image files
  • Supports CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning
  • EZ mode interface is designed for first time users
  • Many complex settings can be adjusted


  • The software is Windows only
  • Complex settings may be off-putting for novice users
  • Plain looking

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